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Michael Smith, the principal developer of the Green Power House (GPH) featured in the award winning documentary, The Need To Grow, would like to introduce you to his next closed-loop innovation based on Natural Intelligence. Natural Intelligence is rooted in the concept of biomimicry and unlike artificial intelligence it is focused on understanding natural solutions that already exist within the physical world that surrounds us.

At this time we would also like to introduce you to the REGENiTECH Fund​, whose purpose is to assist farmers in their conversion from destructive chemical based agriculture to regenerative farming practices.

REGENiTECH’s Natural Intelligence based Bioreactors are a set of building blocks that can be used to assemble systems capable of converting waste into powerful biological agents that support the regeneration of our precious natural resources. Subscribe to receive updates on our “open source” biorefinery program.

The future is regeneration!

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Documentary: The Need to Grow

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Earth Conscious Life

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